Volume 8

Online ISSN: 2350-8434

January – June 2019

Table of Contents

Issue 1 – Research and Development Management Special Issue

Social Capital and its impact on the Research Productivity of a State University

Caning, M. C. M.

pp. 1-10

A Guerilla Researcher’s Journey in Managing Innovative Processes

Agrupis, S. C. & Aquino, M. U.

pp. 11-24

Philippine Nypa- and Village-Based Bioethanol Industry Research, Development and Extension (RDE): Glocal Convergence and Integration (GCI) Management for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Agrupis, S. C. & Esteban, C. J.

pp. 25-36

Market Needs Assessment in S&T Systems and R&D Institutions for a Master of R&D Management Program

Reyes, J. C., Velasco, M. D. C., Cruz, L. N, & Veluz, E. R. B.

pp. 37-55

Gains from Research and Development Management Model for a Green University

Masagca, J. T., Custodio, L. P. & Morales, M. I.

pp. 56-71


Rogelio V. Cuyno, Professorial Lecturer, University of the Philippines Open University
Melinda F. Lumanta, Professor, University of the Philippines Open University
Jaine C. Reyes, Associate Professor, University of the Philippines Los Banos